Parish Council

A Parish Council is the administrative body of a Church community
elected by its stewards for the purpose of
working together with the Parish Priest or
Proistamenos in fulfilling the mission and
goals of that particular community.

President:                      Leon Stavros             Tel. (951) 553-8683

Vice President:              Samar Husein            Tel. (951) 325-7817

Treasurer:                      Chris Gaskins            Tel. (951) 757-6692

Secretary:                      Marcina Hadjis           Tel. (909) 238-8100

PC Member                     Charles Fields            Tel (951) 678-8787

PC Member                     Dimitri Alexopoulos   Tel  (951) 302-1205

PC Member                     Leanda Stavros          Tel (951) 553-8685

PC Member                     Bob Bozonelos           Tel (951) 318-5872

PC Member                     Nick Bouras                Tel (951) 302-0553

Our Faith

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